5 Ways to Help a Co-Worker Who is Being Abused

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Domestic abuse doesn’t stay in the home. It often follows the victim to work, resulting in issues for the victim, a disruptive workplace or even safety concerns for the victim and co-workers. The workplace is also where many people spend a large majority of their days, so co-workers and supervisors are often in one of the best situations to recognize any signs of abuse. Read up on the common warning signs of domestic abuse. If you believe someone you work with is being abused by a partner or other family member, there are a number of steps you can take to help.

Family Violence Is Drastically Harming Canadians’ Health

Every four days in Canada, a woman dies at the hands of a family member. And every single day, there are over 230 reported victims of domestic violence. Family violence is a serious health issue that affects many Canadians. Even more startling is that this abuse is also very under-reported. Reports estimate that only 30% of people report domestic abuse.

Workers Who Use Abusive Behaviour at Home Impact the Workplace Too

Red and Grey people cartoonsThe results are finally in, and we hope you’ll find them eye-opening and enlightening!

Last year, we launched a survey to -domestic violence offenders about how their experiences impact the workplace, because we had a lot of pressing questions following from our groundbreaking pan-Canadian study on domestic violence in the workplace, titled “How can work be safe, if home isn’t?”


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It’s considered one of the largest modern migrations: students, teachers, and support staff heading back to school!  Backpacks are zipped up, paper-bag lunches are packed, and bright yellow school buses roll around street corners once again after a summer hiatus that always feels too short.  Despite the looming and dreaded concept of “work”, the first week of school is always optimistic with the notion of a fresh start.  However, as the school year continues, everyone inevitably experiences ups and downs.  Whether you’re a teacher, student, custodian, or principal, the school year is a great opportunity to support one another.

Nowhere Near the Finish Line: Sports & Violence Against Women

Ask a child who they idolize and often, they will name a star athlete from a professional soccer, baseball, football, or hockey league.  Lately however, it seems like sports teams, brimming with admired talent, are mired in domestic violence controversies.  No level of sports is immune to violence and even the culture of amateur sports here in Canada has been infiltrated by attitudes and actions that reflect an acceptance of violence against women.


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