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Make it our Business: Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace 

Make It Our Business provides information and education to help employers and other workplace stakeholders to meet their obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. According to the Act, employers must prevent and respond to domestic violence in the workplace. Read more...

Problems at home can come to work Brochure cover Recognize and respond to domestic violence in your workplace Brochure cover I need safety and support at work Brochure cover

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  1. Problems at home can come to work
  2. Recognize and respond to domestic violence in your workplace
  3. I need safety and support at work

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Supporting Gender and Sexual Minorities

Nadine Wathen Receiving Research Poster AwardDomestic violence (DV) has significant impacts on workers and workplaces. In a recent pan-Canadian survey, we documented, for the first time, rates and impacts of DV on victims and their co-workers, including how health and life quality are affected, and supports offered by the workplace (see Further Readings). We were very grateful to have 37 people identifying as a gender minority (GM) respond to the survey – a small group compared to the overall sample of about 8500 people, but a large group when we consider how little we know about the experiences of gender minorities in this context.