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Canada: New Employment Leave Introduced In New Brunswick: Domestic Violence Leave, Intimate Partner Violence Leave Or Sexual Violence Leave
New Brunswick passes workplace violence, harassment legislation
Domestic violence Victims of domestic violence need help from employers as well as police
New Brunswick’s new domestic violence leave takes effect
Commentary: It's time to stand up to abuse, wherever it's encountered
The Exchange with Matt Gurney: Liberal government proposes paid leave for survivors of domestic violence
Liberals move to give survivors of domestic violence paid leave
10 days of paid leave could give domestic violence survivors a new start
New domestic violence law will help victims
New Zealand passes Bill giving 10 days' leave to victims of domestic violence

Make it our Business: Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace 

Make It Our Business provides information and education to help employers and other workplace stakeholders to meet their obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. According to the Act, employers must prevent and respond to domestic violence in the workplace. Read more...

Problems at home can come to work Brochure cover Recognize and respond to domestic violence in your workplace Brochure cover I need safety and support at work Brochure cover

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  1. Problems at home can come to work
  2. Recognize and respond to domestic violence in your workplace
  3. I need safety and support at work

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Recognizing global leadership on domestic violence at work: New Zealand & Australia

Employer and employee shaking hands after looking at policyIn July, New Zealand became the second country in the world to pass a national law granting victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave to allow them to leave their partners, find new homes and protect themselves and their children. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the developed world, with police responding to a family violence incident every four minutes.