Blackburn News: Study Shows Domestic Violence Follows Victims To Work

Original Article by: Blackburn News | 27 November 2014

A new study of domestic violence shows more than one third of Canadian workers have experienced domestic violence, and the violence followed more than half of those victims to work.

The first of its kind study was led by Western University’s Faculty of Education and surveyed more than 8,400 employed Canadians over the age of 15.

Results show the victims of domestic violence were dealing with abusive text messages, phonecalls, emails, stalking and harassment while at work. In some cases the abusers even showed up at their partner’s workplace, not only harassing them but their coworkers.

“This study will erase the artificial boundary society has put in place between home and work lives,” says study lead Barb MacQuarrie. “Issues from home show up in the workplace, whether we want them to or not and we can no longer afford to ignore what might be happening in employees’ private lives.”

The study also shows more than 80% of those struggling with domestic violence chose to talk to a coworker about it.

Officials say this points to a need to educate everyone in a workplaces across Canada to recognize and respond to domestic violence, rather than just managers and human resources professionals.

The full study “Can Work Be Safe, When Home Isn’t?” can be found here.