March 2018-2019

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A Year in Review

This past year saw many changes, both provincially and federally, as well as renewed public focus for better support and protection of women experiencing abuse. We responded and kept the momentum and conversation around these issues going, through our training, blog posts and social media content.


With the #MeToo movement retaining a strong presence in both personal and the workplace, we focused on both responding to incidents in the news as well as discussing how sexual harassment and violence in the work impact workers. There was also a strong focus on the world of sports. This included discussing Mark Cuban’s decision to fire their team reporter for allegations of domestic abuse and the way in which he dealt with the accusations. We also wrote a post about Robert Osuna, and one about zero tolerance and what this means. We have been actively trying to respond to relevant news items that the public is already talking about, as we have found this gives us greater visibility in which to spread our message and educational resources and blog posts.

Employer Support and DV Leave Policies

Our blog content as well as our social media has focused greatly on the many new domestic violence leave policies that have come into place. We wrote in detail about how workplaces and employers can both support women experience domestic abuse as well as protect everyone in the workplace. Along with new federal and provincial laws including leave for women experiencing abuse, employers also have a strong obligation to do their part – domestic violence safety policies are a key component of this. We wrote a post detailing a list of changes throughout Canada, one about how employers can do their part, and we have also written extensively about the need for flexibility in the workplace and how this can create better workplace cultures for everyone. Helpful posts for employers as well as promotion of our workplace training has been a big part of our initiative over this past year.

Free Training and Resources

We continued promoting the free online training we offer as well as the more extensive paid workplace training. In order to help workplaces and organizations, we created a variety of visual resources and PDFs that are downloadable free of charge, on our Make it Our Business website. These include engaging and highly readable posters with warning signs of domestic abuse, tips on how to help, resources, and statistics on domestic violence as well as violence against indigenous women. We continue to promote our training as well as our free visual resources on Facebook as they are excellent resources that anyone in the community can download and print to display in workplaces, community centres, or other organizations.